TSB Fix And Flex mortgages

In 2014 TSB added a new type of fixed rate mortgage to its range – the Fix And Flex Mortgage.

These mortgages give you a long-term fixed rate for 10 years, but let you leave after 5 years with no early repayment charge. They have some features of flexible mortgages, such as the ability to overpay or take repayment holidays. They also have no application fee and competitive rates of interest.

How do TSB Fix And Flex mortgages work?

  • Interest rates are fixed for 10 years. This gives you the certainty of unchanging mortgage payments until 2025. See the table for the rates that would apply at different loan-to-value percentages (LTV).
  • Freedom to leave after 5 years. Early repayment charges apply only for the first 5 years, leaving you free to change mortgage if you find a better deal.
  • £0 upfront fees. There are no booking fees or application fees with Fix And Flex mortgages.
  • Flexibility on repayments. It is possible to overpay to reduce your mortgage debt faster. If you've built up an overpayment cushion it is also possible to take a payment holiday by arrangement with the bank.
  • Up to 90% loan-to-value. There are five different levels of maximum LTV in the Fix And Flex mortgage range, from 60 per cent right up to 90 per cent.

You can compare TSB Fix And Flex mortgages below and call direct to apply.

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