No-Fee Mortgages

Fee-free mortgages are mortgage deals that buck the trend of high product fees as a trade-off for lower rates. A true zero-fee mortgage has no application fee and no booking fee. This type of mortgage is in demand for:

  • people with a smaller mortgage loan
  • people who want to remortgage without a large cost to do so
  • first-time buyers who would rather preserve the cash for something else

Compare Fee-Free and Low-Fee Mortgages

Today's mortgage deals with £0 total fees are shown below. Choose "Remortgage" or "First-time buyer" if that suits your purpose.

If you would consider a low-fee deal (say, £150 booking fee only) you can set a limit on total fees using the slider.

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How to apply for a no-fee mortgage

We offer two routes to help you arrange the mortgage you want.

Direct: If you're comfortable making your own financial decisions you can apply for your mortgage directly with the lender. Where this is possible, our table shows a direct phone number or website link for you to enquire straight away about the mortgage you are interested in.

Advised: If you'd prefer to get a mortgage recommended for your circumstance and potentially save time and trouble of handling the application process yourself, get a free call back and initial consultation with a mortgage adviser.

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