About the news team

Articles on the Yourwealth.co.uk news feed are written by the in-house news team, aiming to provide users with access to the latest financial news.

The news team

Lucia Harris: Editor and regular contributor, Lucia has been writing for YourWealth.co.uk since September 2011. An expert in writing about finance related matters, Lucia keeps her ear to the ground, finding the latest developments in matters relating to retirement planning, savings, investments, mortgages and more. Contact Lucia Harris.

Ruth Davies: A regular contributor to the site, Ruth Davies has been writing for YourWealth.co.uk since June 2013. Contact Ruth Davies.

Guest writer profiles currently active:

Anna Bowes: Anna Bowes is a Director at SavingsChampion.co.uk and a leading savings market expert who has been working in the financial industry for a number of years. Anna contributes on an occasional basis to the YourWealth.co.uk news feed. Contact Anna Bowes.

Former members of the news team

Robert wells: Robert Wells was a regular contributor to the site between October 2012 and April 2013. For any enquiries, please email the news team at [email protected]