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Get the Retirement You Want With Clerical Medical Pensions

Investing in a pension plan is an essential financial commitment.  This is one of the most effective ways available of saving for your retirement, and will help to ensure you have an income for life once you have stopped working.  Living costs are rising all the time and you will need to make sure you have funds in place so that you can afford a comfortable retirement.  Clerical Medical can provide you with a range of pension options. This is a good way of planning for your retirement as you will save a lot of money in tax compared to putting your money in standard savings and investment accounts.

Getting Advice

Before you invest in any pension scheme you do need to get some professional independent financial advice.  An independent pension advisor could help you discuss your retirement goals with you and help you to understand how much money you will need. They will also be able to help you compare pension and investment options and set up the right plan for your goals.

Clerical Medical Stakeholder Plan

One option available with Clerical Medical is the stakeholder pension plan.  You can set up the payments for this retirement plan to meet your own circumstances.  If you have just started your job or have a lot of financial commitments you can start off paying in a low contribution such as just £50 per month.  You can then arrange for this to rise automatically over time so that you can pay in more as your finances gradually improve.  You can also make one-off payments to boost your pension plan when you have spare money available.  This is a very effective way of saving for your future and the flexible payment options make it much easier to save in challenging financial environments.

With the Clerical Medical stakeholder pension plan you will also be able to review the investment choices and change them at any time.  There are a wide range of investment options available with this pension plan, including diverse stocks and shares, bonds and property.  This can allow you to change your plan to meet the fluctuating financial markets and gives you greater control over your savings.

Independent Advice on Clerical Medical Pensions

Speak with the independent pension advice team from one of our partner firms today to discuss if a Clerical Medical pension would be a suitable product for you.

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