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Annuity calculations are complicated, and ultimately different annuity providers will offer different rates based on their own algorithms and calculations.

However, a reputable annuity calculator could be a good starting point for those wanting to approximate the annuity rate which could be available to them. We've partnered with leading Annuity providers to help you calculate the annuity rates available to you:

Realtime Annuity Quote Tool

Annuity calculators will review some of your personal details and offer an estimated annuity rate quotation based on these. Although this may not be the exact amount you will receive, it could help give you an initial idea of the kind of retirement income that you may be offered.

The actual annuity rate that you will get is calculated dependent on a number of factors which include:

  • Age: As younger people have a higher life expectancy any pension is likely to be paid out for a longer period. This means the earlier you retire the lower the pension you will receive.
  • Health and lifestyle: Some providers offer enhanced annuities on the basis that medical conditions you may have and the amount you smoke, for example, reduces your life expectancy. If applicable to you these enhanced annuities, sometimes called Impaired Life Annuities, can significantly increase your income in retirement.
  • Current standard annuity rates: Put simply, providers will base the annuity rate that they offer you partly on the state of the annuity market.

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